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Welcome to The Positive Side of Life

Welcome to The Positive Side of Life

I couldn’t be more excited to share this space with you. A Complete is a project close to my heart, not only because our skin care products are fantastic, but because we aim to inspire each of the wonderful women that interacts with us. It has been my life mission to help other women grow, connect with their own power, find their voice, and celebrate their femininity. Today, I would like to start a conversation about having a positive attitude towards every aspect in our lives.

Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons, perhaps because it evokes days spent by the sea, the breeze on a beachfront hammock, and lazy afternoons at the park bonding with my daughters, Valentina and Mariaignacia.

Not that I have tons of time in my hands! Being a busy woman, and raising two beautiful daughters is a balancing act. Nevertheless, I always maintain a positive attitude. A bit of sunshine and outdoor exercise give me clarity of mind to meditate on everything I have lived to date, to contact with my inner wisdom, re-assess and reconcile with my true essence.

In life, we have experiences that are difficult or new. Of course, there are things we can’t control, but we can control the attitude we have during hard times. My philosophy is that there are always two ways of seeing things: we can stay in a dark space feeling hurt, angry, fearful, or frustrated, or we can connect with the light and love that live within us. The second option is what allows us to move forward, overcome life challenges, and grow.

Summer is the perfect time to take a step back and think about the things that matter. These are some of my best strategies to live a fulfilled life:

  • Face the challenges that life brings you with an open heart and remember that everything happens for a reason. Take each experience as an opportunity to learn.

  • Move away from negative people in your life. Don’t stay with someone who hurts you. Remember, you deserve a dignified life, surrounded by true love. Love does not destroy.

  • Live each moment intensely. Be thankful for every joyful moment, even for the simplest things in life.

The other day, while watching my daughter Valentina perform at her very first piano recital, my heart was warmed by an immense joy. I understood that everything that we have lived together as a family has been worth living. Sharing these special moments with my girls makes me feel confident and proud. I’m happy to see they are growing into sensitive, strong girls.  I am amazed at the beautiful, and supportive sisterhood Mariaignacia and Valentina share.

  • Remember that you have the power to change what you don’t like in your life. Don’t give up your power to anyone. Use it for you, for your own benefit.

  • Remove the barriers that stop you from living fully. Fears do two things: they lie and paralyze. Don’t allow them to dictate the direction of your life.

  • Believe in yourself! Value and trust your internal wisdom.

  • Don’t waste your time trying to change the past. Be proud of how you have lived your life, and always look forward to the future.

  • The key to happiness is your attitude. You have the capability to turn any situation around and make it positive, and insightful.

One thing I know for sure is that a positive attitude allows me to live life at its fullest, and to enjoy every moment. I invite you to see life through a positive lens, remember that everything lies within you. You have the power to decide how you’re going to live each day!

If you have been going through rough times, dare to break down the barriers that are preventing you from living fully. Remember, you are light, you are strength, you are love, and that everything, everything starts within you.

One of my favorite wellness rituals is to say an affirmation every morning before starting my day. I have a few different affirmations, depending on what I’m going through. For example, I used to say one when I was expecting my daughters, and another one when they were born. I would add things, take away things. . . It depends on the life stage that you are in. One of my favorite ones is: “I, Angelica, am light, strength, power, serenity. I believe in myself. I have confidence in myself. I respect myself. I honor myself. I accept myself as a woman. I am happy.”

You choose. You can come up with your own affirmation and repeat it every morning, or as many times as you need to during the day. This will help you revitalize and fill yourself with positive energy. Remember, you are a worthwhile and strong person. Believe in your capabilities. We all have the power to become who we want to be. Visualize yourself as a successful individual. Every person develops into what they think of themselves.

So, now let´s get ready to release our zest for life this summer, feeling and looking radiant!

I wish that you enjoy this beautiful season as I am ready to do!  Connect with your inner wisdom, find your center, and nurture both your body and your soul. There’s nothing more beautiful, than being yourself! Be splendid, be extraordinary and do not let anything dim your inner light!

Let us continue sharing tips and experiences that inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Send me any comments, questions or suggestions through my social media (Instagram: @angelicafuentes63 –Facebook:, and I promise that I’ll find time to respond to them.

See you soon, and remember, you can control your life by controlling your own attitude, by choosing love over fear. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Today, decide to be happy.

Les envío mi corazón envuelto en un beso y un abrazo lleno de fuerza.


***Angelica Fuentes, founder of A Complete will be sharing one monthly article with us. Keep your eyes open for more positive, and empowering pieces to come!


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