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The When, Where, and Why: Here’s What to Know About Using Argireline

The When, Where, and Why: Here’s What to Know About Using Argireline

Is it the new fountain of youth? Is it better than botox? Is it right for you? What’s the scoop on Argireline? As a wrinkle-reducer, this product has quickly gained popularity in beauty products. What’s all the hype? Should you be using this product each day? As you choose which products are best for you, here’s what to know about using Argireline.

What is it?

Let’s start with a quick definition to clarify exactly what this product is. Made by Lipotec, ARGIRELINE® peptide solution C “is the first anti-wrinkle hexapeptide with a Botulinum Toxin-like mechanism of action. It reduces the depth of the wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.”

Now let’s break that down even further, to gain an understanding of how this stuff works. Here’s the science behind Argireline.

How does it work?

To achieve muscle contraction, your body releases a neurotransmitter to signal the muscle to move. This reaction involves three specific proteins and is referred to as the SNARE complex. Argireline is made up of peptides (chains of amino acids that control body cells). Its composition mimics one of the SNARE complex proteins. It interrupts the reaction so the contraction doesn’t happen or happens with less intensity. As a result, your facial muscles contract with less force, which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and smooths out fine lines.

Got it? Great. With that biology lesson under your belt, you can discover the rest of what to know about using Argireline.

How effective is it?

Studies have shown that Argireline (also known as acetyl hexapeptide-3), lessens wrinkles and expression lines, decreasing their depth by 17% in 15 days and up to 27 percent after 30 days. Another study revealed that a 10% concentration of Argireline reduced wrinkles by 30% over 30 days.

How does it compare to Botox?

Both Argireline and Botox are used to reduce wrinkles. Both are quite popular. Many manufacturers of beauty products have started to include Argireline in their youth-preserving creams, and more than six million Botox treatments are administered each year. However, Argireline differs from Botox in three key ways.

Their make-up: Argireline is a hexapeptide. It is made up of chains of amino acids. Botox is a toxin made from the bacteria that causes botulism.

Their method: Argireline interrupts the muscle contraction process, causing a relaxation of the reaction, to reduce wrinkles. Botox interferes with the neurotransmitters involved in muscle contraction to essentially freeze your muscles. In other words, Argireline uses relaxation, while Botox uses paralysis.

Their mode: To use Botox, consumers visit a professional to receive injections in their skin. In sharp contrast, Argireline is simply applied topically through over-the-counter beauty products. It is less invasive, more convenient and cheaper than the injections required by Botox.

How should you use Argireline?

How to apply this chemical compound is another essential on the list of what to know about using Argireline. Proper use will result in optimal outcomes for your skin. Following are a few tips to get the most out of your Argireline usage.


Now available in many beauty products, this effective ingredient can be regularly applied to the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Simply apply the cream containing Argireline directly onto your skin for absorption. Use the product on areas where you want to control wrinkles, such as crow’s feet or forehead lines. The compound will soak into your skin and go to work on reducing wrinkles.


Your skin type and the quality of the products you choose both affect the frequency of application. For best results, follow the instructions provided on each product. If you are using a topical cream that contains highly concentrated doses of Argireline, it should not remain on your skin for more than eight hours.


Apply Argireline in the morning after cleansing and toning. This preps your face to receive the cream and benefit more fully from its effect.


Various products contain different concentrations of Argireline. It is important to use a healthy concentration level for best results. Dermatologists and cosmetic physicians recommend 10 to 20 percent concentrations.

Is there a downside?

Sharp consumers always look at both the pros and cons of products before they make a selection. So, it makes sense that part of what to know about using Argireline is the downside, if there is one. Users of Argireline might be concerned about three potential drawbacks.


If you have thick skin (literal thick skin, not the kind that can take an insult well), the products containing Argireline may have difficulty penetrating to achieve maximum benefit. However, skin that is wrinkled is typically thinner, so it should receive topical creams well.

Fix, not cure:

Argireline creams affect the skin on a surface level. They work from the outside in. The product is not designed to cure underlying causes of wrinkles. Argireline doesn’t neutralize free radicals, hydrate the skin or strengthen collagen. However, additional ingredients in top-quality products that contain Argireline may cover these issues. This is why it is essential to combine Argireline with a well-rounded daily regimen of facial care.


Injections offer instantaneous results. Surgery offers permanent results. With Argireline, users must continue to apply topical creams for lasting wrinkle reduction. However, users have reported visible results in just a couple of weeks. And, on the plus, side, you don’t have to undergo injections or surgery!

Where can you find it?

Now that you have all the information on what to know about using Argireline, you’re probably wondering how to try it out. To reap the benefits of Argireline, you do not need a prescription, nor do you need to endure painful injections. Argireline is used in many beauty products readily available on the market today. However, this effective compound is not found in every cream or serum. A Complete offers effective youth-preserving products enhanced with Argireline. Our eye cream and moisturizing cream feature this powerful peptide to provide effective beauty solutions that smooth and enhance your features. Discover our full line of products and get additional information here.




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