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Take This 5-Minute Tour to Discover Natural Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Take This 5-Minute Tour to Discover Natural Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

You want smooth, youthful skin. You don’t want surgery or injections. Guess what? You can have what you want! You don’t have to see a plastic surgeon to stay youthful. There are plenty of natural ways to reduce wrinkles right in your own home.

Let’s take a tour to discover ways to naturally decrease wrinkles in every room of your house.

Natural Ways to Reduce Wrinkles in your…


This central hub of your home is packed with natural ways to reduce wrinkles. What’s in your refrigerator? What’s stored in your pantry? Stocking your kitchen with the right anti-aging foods is key to wrinkle reduction. Powerhouse ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins, omega 3s and healthy fats. Foods based on a Mediterranean diet are ideal to maintain youthful, healthy skin. See our guide to anti-aging foods and our Mediterranean diet shopping list.

Your kitchen is also a source of ingredients for wrinkle-reducing facial cleansers and masks. Combine the right foods to create the best daily face wash for your skin type or effective home-made masks to reduce face and neck wrinkles. These natural ways to reduce wrinkles are simple and affordable. You probably have many of the ingredients in your kitchen right now!

Dining room

Once you’ve filled your kitchen with the right wrinkle-reducing foods, the next step is to incorporate them into your diet. What have you been serving in your dining room? Eating foods that promote skin health is one of the best natural ways to reduce wrinkles.

When you sit down to a meal, fill your plate with anti-aging foods. Try to avoid sugars and processed foods. These contain chemicals that cause your skin to age. Also, drink plenty of fluids. Hydration is essential to keep skin smooth and supple. The Institute of Medicine recommends nine cups of beverages each day for women and 13 cups daily for men.


Did you know you can prevent wrinkles simply by sleeping? When you sleep, your skin makes new collagen. This protein strengthens your skin to prevent wrinkles and sagging. Sleeping also increases the blood flow to your skin. This creates a healthy glow, rather than the dull skin produced by lack of sleep.

For adults, experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep each night. Get the rest your skin needs. If you sleep only five hours, you may experience up to twice as many fine lines as you would if you had slept the recommended seven hours. To ensure your 7+ hours is filled with quality sleep, avoid eating a heavy meal late at night and avoid caffeine in the evenings.

In addition to providing much-needed rest, your bedroom offers two more natural ways to reduce wrinkles. Both take place while you sleep. First, try to sleep on your back. Side-sleeping presses your face into your pillow. This causes sleep lines, which can become wrinkles. Secondly, use satin sheets. In case you don’t remain on your back while sleeping, a stain pillowcase offers a smoother surface for your face. This will help prevent sleep lines.


One of the most effective natural ways to reduce wrinkles is a healthy skin care regimen. What do your morning and night routines look like? As you use your bathroom to wash your face with a soap-free cleanser, apply your anti-aging face cream, and preserve your skin with your daily skincare routine, be sure to use products that provide quality skin care.

As you choose which products to use in your bathroom, keep in mind that bar soaps aren’t pH-balanced for facial skin. This makes them harsh on your face. Rather than wash with these products, use a cleanser made of natural ingredients that protect your skin. It’s also important to choose products that perform well on your skin type. Discover the best products for your skin type here.*

Family room

If you’re like most people, this is probably the room that houses your TV. If so, this space can easily become your home gym. That’s right – exercise is one of the natural ways to reduce wrinkles. Working out at home is convenient and cheap. Get a set of hand weights and a workout DVD, and you’re all set.

When you exercise, you pump oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, infusing your skin with the essentials it needs to stay youthful. You also strengthen the muscles beneath your skin to help keep it toned and smooth. Lastly, exercise helps you sleep better, which is another natural way to reduce wrinkles.

Living room

This is often a good place to relax. Use this room to de-stress. Read a book. Write in a journal. Listen to music. Laugh with family. Play a game. Have fun!

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, a powerful aging hormone. Finding a way to release stress and decrease this hormone production is a natural way to reduce wrinkles.


This is a great spot to learn about natural ways to reduce wrinkles. You might be sitting at a computer right now researching this topic. Perhaps your “home office” is your phone, and it goes wherever you do. Whatever setting you choose, educating yourself on healthy skin care is key to maintaining smooth skin. There’s not as much to preventing premature wrinkles as you think. And all you need for educated product selection is to do some research on effective skin care products featuring natural marine and botanical ingredients.


When you step onto your deck, patio or yard to enjoy your home’s outdoor surroundings, you’ll find several natural ways to reduce wrinkles. First and foremost, protect your skin. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Wear sunglasses to guard the sensitive skin around your eyes. Put on a hat or other protective clothing for additional skin defense.


This space reminds us to avoid environmental pollutants that can damage our skin. Smoke and gasoline fumes are two that top the list. Be careful when handling gasoline for lawn mowers or other equipment. And, of course, don’t smoke. Smoking steals the oxygen and nutrients your skin needs. It also increases the number of free radicals in your body, which causes wrinkles.

This completes your tour! Are you seeing your home in a new light? Filled with natural ways to reduce wrinkles, your home can become a haven of healthy skin care. Use your space effectively, and you’ll enjoy the youthful, vibrant skin you desire.


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