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Sugar and Aging: Skin Care Truths and Myths

Sugar and Aging: Skin Care Truths and Myths

We invite you to test your skin care and nutrition knowledge with our short quiz. The results may surprise you!

In an era of alternative facts and fake news, for beauty news, it can be both frustrating and exhausting trying to figure out what’s real and what’s just an internet rumor. Thankfully your friends at A Complete are obsessed with the latest research in science and beauty and is devoted to bringing you fact based information. For this article, we thought it would be fun to test our ability to differentiate between sugar and aging truths and myths.

Can you figure out which of the following statements are rooted in science, and which are just alt facts?

  1. ____ (True/False) Statement: Sugar consumption may lead to premature aging.
  2. ____ (True/False) Statement: Sugar can contribute to facial discoloration similar to the effects of cigarettes.
  3. ____ (True/False) Statement: As long as you consume complex carbohydrates, you should be fine./li>
  4. ____ (True/False) Statement: One potential solution to fight AGING can be found in your cupboard.

Answers: 1. True 2. True 3. Partially True 4. True

How did you do? Regardless, let’s take a closer look at each statement, shall we?

Sugar Consumption May Lead To Premature Aging. (True)

As with most things that are pleasurable in life, too much of a good thing can have potential negative consequences. The effect of sugar on your waistline is well documented common knowledge. But did you know that sugar and aging skin effects are connected? Sugar can contribute to fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.

First discovered through Diabetes research, Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGE) is a group of complex compounds which forms when sugar molecules interact with cells and attaches onto fats and proteins within your body. This process causes your protein fibers to become hard, rigid and distorted. In turn, this can lead to chronic inflammation and connective tissue damage which may result in more severe health issues such as Alzheimer’s, vascular tightening, and diseases of the pancreas and liver.

What does it mean for your skin?

The collagen and elastin proteins within your skin; which are responsible for elasticity and youthful complexion are the most impacted by the effects of AGE! Over time this leads to weakened skin elasticity, sagging and wrinkles! So, next time you reach for that second doughnut or extra cupcake, remember AGE!

Sugar Can Contribute To Facial Discoloration Similar To The Effects Of Cigarettes. (True)

By now, the negative effects of smoking such as lung diseases and heart diseases are well researched and established. But contrary to popular belief, the yellowish dull skin often associated with Tobacco smokers is NOT the direct result of smoke coloration itself. Instead, it is a by-product of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGE). The reason why smokers often have yellowish skin is because smoke reduces antioxidants in the skin, depriving the skin of Vitamin C and E, which normally contributes to fighting off Glycation.

The distorted and irregular proteins associated with AGE are the actual culprit of dull, discolored and yellowish skin. While AGE occurs naturally in non-smokers, the process is expedited in smokers. Another reason to quit!

As Long As You Consume Complex Carbohydrates, You Should Be Fine. (Partially True)

Carbohydrates are the main fuel for your body. Unfortunately, Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGE) can occur when consuming both Complex Carbohydrates such as beans, whole grains, and vegetables and Simple Sugars or Processed Sugars. The difference is Simple Sugars like fructose and lactose undergo the glycation process at about 10 times a higher rate than glucose! So, in general Complex Carbohydrates are the healthier choice when it comes to AGE.

Other health benefits often associated with Complex Carbohydrates include a more gradual release of energy, fiber which fills you up so you eat less, contribution to hormones which lead to relaxation and sound sleep and reduce in nervousness and anxiety.

One Potential Solution To Fight AGE Can Be Found In Your Cupboard. (True)

While Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGE) production can’t be completely stopped, the good news is that it can be slowed! One strategy is the choice of consuming Complex Carbohydrates as stated above, and avoiding Simple Sugars such as white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. In addition, you may find the key to fight AGE right in your cupboard!

Enter Green Tea

We’ve already discussed the health benefits of consuming green tea products such as MATCHA. A study conducted by Japanese researchers, have shown promise that regularly consuming green tea may significantly fight your body’s AGE production! The research further states “…results suggest that green tea is able to delay collagen aging by an antioxidant mechanism…”.

In addition to drinking green tea or consuming green tea snacks such as green tea/matcha ice cream. There are many anti-aging skin care routines which feature green tea extracts such as green tea face masks and matcha face masks.

So if you are serious about delaying premature aging, restoring your skin and fighting the aging process, here are some key takeaways from the article:

  1. Limit the consumption of sugar and other Simple Carbohydrates
  2. Quit or cut down on smoking
  3. Consume or utilize foods and products rich in green tea and other antioxidants
  4. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit. Blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries are not only delicious, but are loaded with beauty enhancing antioxidants
  5. Even better, double up on your antioxidant intake by enjoying green tea ice cream with a helping of refreshing blueberries or sipping a matcha smoothie topped with luscious cherries<

If you are looking for other ways to replenish the antioxidants in your skin, may we suggest our anti-aging supplement. This once a day supplement is especially designed to provide the essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to fight aging from the inside out.

Did you ever imagine that the consumption of sugar and aging would have such a close relationship? Let us know in your comments what was your aha! moment while reading this article.


The A Complete team.

Further Reading on Sugar and Aging:

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