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Joys and Trials of a Working Mom

Joys and Trials of a Working Mom

Nothing compares to the joy of coming back home at the end of a very busy day, and find my daughters eagerly waiting for me. I feel this enormous sense of accomplishment when I realize that we share so much, but we also have our very our own interests. Our home is a safe, cozy place where we recharge and find motivation to dream on.

I can tell you that my daughters are the best thing that has happened to me. I would like them to be happy and independent. My greatest desire is for Valentina and Mariaignacia to be free, full of love, and to grow without fears or prejudices.

I know that many of you face a double burden: responsibilities at home and at work. The worst thing would be for you to feel guilty for pursuing your professional goals and being a working mom. You have no reason to feel bad. There is no conflict between motherhood and professional development. However, it’s important that your children always feel supported and more than anything, loved.

Of course, there are days that seem rougher than others. Is there really a way to find balance? Is there a magic formula to keep chaos at bay?

I could not think of myself as a person who splits into different roles: Angelica the mother, the entrepreneur, the philanthropist, the business woman, the friend. I am one, indivisible, with core values that outline my dreams and goals. My thoughts, feelings and actions are all a reflection of my inner light.

In my experience, the best way to find balance is to love what you do. That is my secret! Moreover, we need to devise some strategies to manage our daily life. I would like to share some personal insights and tips that have worked for me in this incredible adventure called motherhood:

   1.Taking care of yourself should be at the top of your to-do list

I know, we only have 24-hour days to accomplish a long list of things! In spite of that, never cross off your needs, do not let them stay on the back burner. There is an important reason for this: If you are not happy, nobody around you will be.

When you are burnt out, everyone perceives it. Even babies, and pets seem uneasy when you are in a bad mood. If you do not feel fabulous in your own skin, you will project it.

  1. Learn the magic word: delegate

Do not fall into the Wonder Woman delusion. It is inefficient to try to be in charge of everything. Working moms do need a support system. Accept all the help you can get, and do not aim at perfection. Your kid´s room will not be on the cover of a magazine.

At work, delegate and mentor. It takes patience, but training a good team will help you manage your time.

  1. Simply, celebrate life!

The truth is we never think of life as a finite resource, but it is. This is your life, and it is happening now. Prioritize, and remember to say no, when you find yourself being a pleaser- at your own expense. Real transcendence means enjoying every single moment, no matter how simple it might seem.

  1. Quality not quantity

Remember that what is important is the quality of time you spend with your children, not the quantity. I work a lot and have many responsibilities, but when I am with my daughters, I am totally there for them. In the end, that’s what counts.

  1. Show your love

Pay attention to the little things, so that your children feel loved and protected in every moment. Show them how important they are to you. I don’t mind wearing the jewelry that they give me to my work meetings, and I have their drawings all over the house.

For your kids, you ARE the perfect mother. They love you just the way you are. Be grateful every day for the opportunity to accompany your children as they grow up.

I hope you find these tips useful! Share with us some of your own working mom strategies. I would love to hear how you live your life as A Complete Woman!

Les mando mi corazón envuelto en un beso y un abrazo lleno de fuerza.


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