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How to eat clean and mean it

How to eat clean and mean it

Let’s face it. Every January, we get excited about losing weight and getting healthy. New Year, new you, a new body is always at the top of our resolution list. However, when the winter blues kick in and our doorbells ring more often than a Friday night for a pizza delivery, the goal of getting in shape becomes less important.  As we contemplate how to make eating healthy less of a chore and more of lifestyle in 2018 at the A Complete New York headquarters, our leader Angélica Fuentes shares her own eating regimen that she swears by! Before we get down to concocting the best pro-aging solutions and gender empowering content, Angélica makes sure she also inspires us to take care of our bodies. Afterall, our mission statement wouldn’t be “Beauty Inside and Out,” if we didn’t mean it.  Practicing what she preaches each day, la Licenciada encourages us to cut out sugars and carbs from our daily eating habits for at least a month if we want to see real changes in our physical state of wellness. It’s about getting rid of excess weight and extra baggage for at least a month if we want to see a real change in our physical and mental state of wellness. Here’s a snapshot of how you can eat on a daily basis.


Breakfast 7 am

2 egg whites & one whole egg  (omelet style)

Grilled veggies of your choice (zucchini, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, etc.)

Panela cheese (or any type of light cheese)

Coffee or tea

Juice or a piece of fruit like an apple, a pear or 10 grapes

*no mango, no bananas


Mid-morning snack 11 am

1 protein (5 almonds)

Water (8oz)

Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

Celery (sliced celery in vinegar with chili seasoning is so yummy)


Lunch 1 pm

8oz of protein (tuna fish, grilled fish, salmon, chicken etc.)



Panela cheese only  


Midday snack: 4 pm

1 protein

Liquid protein shake or solid protein

Fresh veggies (sliced carrots or sliced Celery w/ lemon, sea salt tajin chili )


Dinner 7 pm

Protein (8oz chicken or fish)

Sandwich: lettuce (instead of bread)

2-3 slices of deli turkey ham


Jalapeño chiles (if desired)

Panela cheese only


8oz portions of Acceptable Protein:

chicken breast/cutlets


100% organic ground beef

Can of salmon or fresh piece of salmon

Can of tuna in water or fresh piece tuna


Absolutely no:

Sweets (cookies, ice cream, etc.)



Red wine (it’s so sugary!!)

Soda drinks


*drink 3-4 bottles of water a day

*no soda drinks

No fruits after 5 pm

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