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Hair Growth Supplements for Lovely Locks and Supple Skin

Hair Growth Supplements for Lovely Locks and Supple Skin

Time. It’s our main opponent in the battle for healthy skin and hair. We want to grow beautiful locks, but it takes time. Meanwhile, time is progressing our natural aging process. This breaks down our skin to form wrinkles and blemishes. We can’t fast forward to speed up hair growth or stop the clock on aging. What are we to do? Fortunately, the war is not lost. We can take action to enhance our hair growth and protect our skin at the same time with hair growth supplements.

What’s the secret to hair growth supplements?

Typically, human hair grows about a half an inch per month. Depending on the length of your hairstyle, that can feel like extremely slow growth. Lacking the proper nutrients it needs, your hair may experience even less growth. If your hair is unhealthy, you may also experience hair loss, breaks and splits that cause thinning.

Besides stunting hair growth, this lack of nourishment shows up in your skin, too. It’s why healthy skin and hair go hand in hand. It’s also why the proper skin supplement is essential to skin and hair care.

The best hair growth supplements are packed with powerful vitamins, proteins and fatty acids required to renew skin from the inside out and provide the nourishment your hair needs to grow full and long. Your hair and skin benefit best from a blend of antioxidants and vitamins that fight aging.

To obtain the best combination, use hair growth supplements inspired by a Mediterranean diet. A Complete Beauty Concentrate Supplement is ideal. A professional blend of essential vitamins, hydrolyzed proteins, natural extracts and essential fatty acids, this potent supplement rejuvenates from the inside out. It provides the support you need for healthy hair and nails while creating a more radiant complexion and firmer skin. This is exactly what you want from hair growth supplements.

A Perfect Combination

What makes this skincare and hair growth supplement so effective? Natural ingredients. Where else can you find these natural hair growth supplements? For the best hair and skin, combine a daily beauty concentrate supplement with a beauty-friendly diet and effective hair applications. This trifecta will provide a full spectrum of the nourishment your body needs to produce attractive hair and skin.

Ready to get started? Incorporate the following into your daily and weekly routines to enjoy healthy hair growth and promote youthful, vibrant skin.

Oil treatments

Since hair growth is normally fairly slow, the locks that are past your shoulders are usually several years old. This hair needs extra care to remain healthy. Applying an oil treatment once each week will help provide the fatty acids your hair needs to maintain shine and volume. For a natural, home-made oil treatment, try this recipe:

  • 1 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon macadamia oil
  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Apply to damp hair, leave for 10 minutes, then use your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Rosemary oil and aloe vera also offer nourishing properties for your hair and skin, making them great hair growth supplements. When applied to the scalp, rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth. The vitamins and minerals in aloe vera soothe and condition your scalp, creating the best environment for hair growth. Aloe vera also boosts skin health and eliminates dandruff.

Essential vitamins

To create new hair and keep it healthy, your body needs the right nutrients. The following are vital to developing hair that can grow long and stay long by withstanding environmental damage.

  • Fish oil: Omega-3 fats present in fish oils greatly nourish your hair. They reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss and promote hair thickening, to keep your mane full and beautiful.
  • B-complex vitamin: Biotin and pantotethenic acid (vitamin B5) rebuilds damaged hair shingles. It stimulates hair growth by supporting your adrenal glands.
  • Zinc: This element is often used in treating hair loss disorders due to its hair follicle benefits. It prevents hair follicle regression and accelerates recovery. It is a staple to help the enzymes that are in charge of keeping your hair healthy.
  • Vitamin C: As we age, the production of free radicals in our bodies increases. At the same time, our natural antioxidative enzymes that fight these free radicals decreases. This causes aging of skin and hair. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights the stress these free radicals cause and keeps us looking youthful.
  • Iron: A deficiency in iron can lead to hair loss. To encourage hair growth, be sure to include iron in your daily diet.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin may be important in restoring the normal hair cycle if it is currently dysfunctional. It also contributes to skin repair, metabolism and growth. A destroyer of free radicals, vitamin D helps slow down the aging process.

Nutrient-Rich Foods

Where can you find these vitamins? Adding the right foods to your diet will ensure your body soaks up enough essential vitamins to achieve healthy skin and hair. Here’s a few of the top food sources for hair growth supplements.

  • Fish: Rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, fish are an ideal food to supply hair growth supplements. Since your body doesn’t make its own omega-3s, it’s important to get them from food or other hair growth supplements. Salmon, swordfish, halibut, mackerel, whitefish and eel are all great choices to help keep your hair full and your skin healthy.
  • Spinach: This leafy green is packed with vitamin C and iron, plus folate, vitamin A and beta carotene. These ingredients create a powerful potion for keeping your hair moisturized and your scalp healthy.
  • Lean poultry: Protein strengthens your hair and promotes growth. Without enough protein, your hair growth comes to a standstill. Chicken and turkey are good sources of protein which also offer less saturated fat than beef and pork options.
  • Orange foods: These aren’t just for the carrot-tops out there. Orange vegetables are rich in beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. This protects against dull, dry hair. Restore your mane’s shine with sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, mangoes and cantaloupe.
  • Cinnamon: This yummy spice increases circulation. Improving blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, encouraging growth. Sprinkle a bit in your coffee, or add it to cereal or toast.
  • Guava: Just a cup of guava provides more than your full daily dose of vitamin C, making it a great hair growth supplement. This significant dose of vitamin C will protect your hair from breakage.
  • Greek yogurt: This Mediterranean treat contains vitamin B5 to prevent hair thinning and loss. Opa!
  • Eggs: These are a great source of iron and protein. Eggs are also rich in vitamin B. They strengthen hair and nails to keep you looking your best.
  • Oysters: These seafood treats are rich in zinc. If you’re not a fan of oysters, try crab or lobster to get your dose of zinc.
  • Cereal: If seafood isn’t your thing, fortified cereals also provide healthy amounts of zinc. They are also great sources of iron.

Beauty Supplement

To top off your daily dose of hair growth supplements, take a beauty supplement for skin care. This once-a-day supplement helps prevent collagen degradation, protects against oxidative stress and decreases wrinkle depth. On top of all these great skincare benefits, it provides additional support for hair growth. Packed with the natural ingredients your body needs, this potent hair growth supplement is the ideal complement to your other hair treatments and a nutrient-rich diet.

This powerful combination of hair growth supplements will help your hair grow quickly and provide soothing care for your skin from the inside out.

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