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A Complete is all About Pro-aging!

A Complete is all About Pro-aging!

By Angélica Fuentes

Feeling great in your own skin has nothing to do with an obsession to look younger. It’s not about trying to fit into our daughter’s skinny jeans nor is it about believing we’d be happier if we were 18 again.

I felt beautiful when I was pregnant; I had a special sparkle in my eyes that reflected the immense joy I felt in my heart. I wouldn’t trade this experience to be a teen again, not in a million years! To be honest, I have never felt more beautiful than today. You know why? Because I like what I see in the mirror in the morning, on the inside and the outside. I am proud of every single experience that has brought me to this specific moment in life. I am a complete woman in the broadest sense.

Growing older does not drain our beauty away. For A Complete, aging is a beautiful process that must be embraced and appreciated. When we age, life gives us opportunities for us to live to the fullest, to learn, and to pursue our goals.

No age is better than any other. Let´s celebrate beauty in all its forms, regardless of the age. How old you are doesn’t define you. We live in a society that insists on the mistaken belief that women are less valuable as they grow older. Your capacity to learn, to love, and to cherish the simplest things in life is what defines you. Your value lies in real
characteristics, such as your resilience, your kindness, your ability to show empathy, your appreciation of life, your wisdom and in taking responsibility for your own actions. At A Complete we believe life should be a fulfilled, healthy and vibrant experience.

A Complete promotes making time for ourselves, nourishing our bodies, and celebrating how beautiful we are, inside out. We wish you to live the best life you can live, feeling great about yourself. We want to accompany you in this wonderful process of aging.

The media and marketing campaigns have long been fostering an “anti-aging” philosophy. It is about time we stop buying into these ideas. A Complete doesn’t promote anti-aging products. A Complete seeks to extend a Pro-Aging approach. We are not against aging; we are celebrating the ongoing process called life.

Age is not a condition that needs to be cured, it is an amazing opportunity to live, learn, vibrate and enjoy. On this note, let me share some ideas on nourishing both body and soul:

1. Water, water, water.

Stay hydrated, drink enough water throughout the day and avoid soft drinks which are loaded with sugars and chemicals. The A Complete Routine will help you hydrate and energize your skin. Occasionally, drink a good glass of wine, it works best if you are in good company!

2. Superfoods, such as the ones found in the Mediterranean diet, will help your organism work efficiently.

A Complete offers a pioneering nutricosmetic to help your skin look radiant from the inside out.

3. Let’s move it!

Walk, practice yoga, dance or, if you follow a tight schedule, take a brisk walk during lunchtime. Exercise will boost your organism as well as your mood. Remember, oxygenated skin looks radiant!

4. Connect with your inner self and your loved ones.

Spending quality time with loved ones nourishes the spirit. Try to find moments of mindfulness so that you may connect with your center.

5. Love what you do!

Enjoy more of the things you love to do. Find joy in daily activities. Aim to nourish your body and your soul. Growing older means reaching an age of fulfillment and of being who you really want to be. No regrets!

Let us break away from the anti-aging myth and create a new Pro-Aging movement.
Aging is a part of that beauty that comes from within!

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