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14 Natural Beauty Supplements for Glowing Skin

14 Natural Beauty Supplements for Glowing Skin

Farmer’s markets. Fresh produce. Family picnics. The summer offers delicious seasonal options to satisfy our taste buds. But, which selections are best for your skin? To achieve the youthful look you want this summer, it’s important to give your body natural beauty supplements for glowing skin.

Fortunately, you have many beauty supplement options as you pack your bag for the beach. A host of foods, beverages, and quick creams are available to pour in the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to keep your skin young and vibrant.

List of Natural Beauty Supplements

This summer, focus on the following natural beauty supplements to create glowing, healthy skin:

  1. Vitamin B

What it does: B vitamins improve your skin’s moisture retention. This creates softer, smoother skin and reduces fine lines. It can also protect against sun damage.

Where to find it: Chicken, eggs and fortified grain products are rich in B vitamins. Some moisturizers also contain B vitamins.

  1. Vitamin C

What it does: This antioxidant slows the rate of free-radical damage (those unwanted, unstable molecules that cause skin dryness, lines and wrinkles). It also helps protect the skin against sun damage and may reverse some of the discoloration that happens with age.

Where to find it: Oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, guava, red peppers, kale and broccoli are all great sources of vitamin C. Due to its amazing properties as a skincare supplement, many skin and eye bag creams also contain vitamin C.

  1. Vitamin E

What it does: Like vitamin C, vitamin E helps neutralize free radicals. It also helps protect against environmental exposures.

Where to find it: If you’d like to add more vitamin E to our diet, try almonds, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, spinach and avocado. You can also apply it directly to your skin with a vitamin-E sunscreen or facial moisturizer.

  1. Selenium

What it does: This antioxidant mineral helps your skin stay supple. It also prevents cell damage by those invasive free radicals.

Where to find it: Incorporate seafood into your diet to get a good dose of selenium. Crab, tuna and salmon are all good sources. If you aren’t into seafood, try brazil nuts, brown rice and whole-wheat bread.

  1. Coenzyme Q10

What it does: Coenzyme Q10 helps cells grow and protects them from aging.

Where to find it: This natural antioxidant is found in the body, but its level drops as we age. To give your coenzyme Q10 level a boost, you can try eating liver, soybeans and parsley.

  1. Alpha-lipoic Acid

What it does: One of the more powerful skincare supplements, alpha-lipoic acid is a primary antioxidant that prevents aging and inflammation. It helps produce energy in skin cells, regenerate vitamins C and E, remodel collagen and protect the skin from free radical inflammation.

Where to find it: In addition to creams that contain skincare supplements, alpha-lipoic acid can be found in small amounts in several foods. Try red meat, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, carrots and beets.

  1. Retinoic Acid

What it does: Some consider retinoic acid the “gold standard” in anti-aging supplements. It is the active form of vitamin A in the skin. It treats fine wrinkles, age spots and rough skin. Treating your skin with retinoic acid can keep skin taut, to reduce wrinkles.

Where to find it: Beef liver, bluefin tuna, milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and mangos are all good sources of retinoic acid. In general, look for the most brightly colored fruits and vegetables to find this skincare supplement.

  1. Green Tea

What it does: Research suggests that the flavonoids in green tea may help protect the skin from inflammation. They are strong antioxidants, and they may even protect your skin from cancer.

Where to find it: Green tea is extremely popular for its many health benefits. Brew it in loose-leaf form or buy it in tea bags for a quicker cup.

  1. Rosemary

What it does: Rosemary oil offers antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that help treat oily skin, acne and inflammation. It provides a healthy glow.

Where to find it: Rosemary essential oils are common products on the market today. It is also included in many moisturizers and other creams.

  1. Tomato Paste

What it does: The lycopene found in tomato paste helps you maintain baby-soft skin. It helps protect against ultraviolet rays and increases oxygen flow to prevent wrinkles and delay aging.

Where to find it: The most common way to consume tomato paste is with pasta. If Italian isn’t your fav, consider using it in soup, in a bean salad, as a quick dip for veggies, or on your grilled cheese sandwich.

  1. Grape Seed Extract

What it does: Grape seed extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which are powerful skincare supplements. These antioxidants protect your skin from sun damage, reducing wrinkles and dark spots.

Where to find it: Most people don’t enjoy eating grape seeds. So, you can either switch from the seedless grapes you probably eat now, or you can buy grape seed extract in pill form, similar to other natural beauty supplements.

  1. Pomegranate

What it does: This deep-red fruit is loaded with vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc and iron. It helps hydrate your skin, fights inflammation and acne breakouts, protects against the sun and stimulates collagen production.

Where to find it: In the Northern Hemisphere, pomegranates are typically in season from September to February. Use it for baking, garnishes, or smoothies. It’s also common in juice form.

  1. Soy

What it does: The proteins in soy moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also evens out the pigments in your skin’s surface, reducing discoloration and blotchiness.

Where to find it: Products containing soy usually advertise it in their name. You can get your dose of soy in soybeans, soy milk, soy sauce, and soy nuts. It’s also found in meat alternatives.

We saved the best natural beauty supplement for last…

  1. Chocolate – Yes, chocolate

What it does: Dark chocolate contains flavonols, which are antioxidants that protect your skin from UV damage, increase blood flow and improve hydration.

Where to find it: This one’s not too difficult to locate, right? Just remember, it’s dark chocolate, not milk chocolate covered in marshmallow or caramel.

As always, round out these natural beauty supplements for glowing skin with A Complete daily skin care routine, to fully achieve the healthy, vibrant look you desire.


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