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13 Reasons Why You Need the Best Natural Eye Cream

13 Reasons Why You Need the Best Natural Eye Cream

With myriad beauty products at your disposal and only so much time in the day to use them, how should you prioritize? If your goal is to minimize wrinkles, focus on using the best natural eye cream you can find.

The best natural eye cream will reward you with reduced wrinkles and a youthful, vibrant appearance. This product is essential to fight back against the onslaught of wrinkle-makers your face encounters every day.

What are these wrinkle-producing culprits? We’re glad you asked. Following are 13 of the most common.

  1. Sun exposure – You may enjoy the look of a tan, but the sun can cause more than a darkening of your skin. Its ultraviolet light damages skin fibers, causing you skin to lose its elasticity. One of the results is wrinkles. If you don’t wear sunglasses, you further expose the sensitive skin around your eyes. This can also cause excessive squinting, which encourages wrinkles, too.
  2. Pollutants – Even the greenest practices won’t keep your face from exposure to pollutants. Smoke, gasoline fumes and ozone all cause wrinkles. Since you can’t avoid these elements completely, you can at least use the best natural eye cream to help counter their effects.
  3. Smoking – Do you smoke? If you don’t, do you spend time with others who do? Both smoking and second-hand smoke remove the nutrients and oxygen your skin needs to stay smooth and youthful. Smoke exposure increases the number of free radicals present in your cells, which causes aging. The result: wrinkles.
  4. Stress – Have you heard of cortisol? It’s the hormone your body releases when you are stressed. This hormone helps your systems deal with stress by regulating blood pressure and blood sugar, among others things. It also ages your body. Frequent or constant stress keeps the cortisol flowing, causing premature wrinkling of your skin.
  5. Lack of sleep – If you don’t get enough sleep, your body gets stressed. We’ve already covered what happens then: your body produces cortisol. However, when you sleep, your body produces HGH (human growth hormone). Unlike cortisol, this hormone encourages cell growth and reproduction. It helps rejuvenate your skin, helping prevent wrinkles. If you don’t get the rest you need, you won’t produce the HGH you need.
  6. Sleeping – This seems to be a catch-22. Yes, we did just say it’s important to get enough sleep. It’s essential to your health. Unfortunately, if you end up sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow, this might cause wrinkles, too. The sleep lines that form from the pillow’s pressure can turn into more permanent wrinkles. You can try sleeping on your back, but, if you’re like most of us, you won’t stay in the same position all night. Fortunately, the best natural eye cream can help relieve the effects of sleep wrinkles.
  7. Poor diet – When you don’t get the fruits and vegetables your body needs, your skin suffers. Wrinkle-prevention ingredients include antioxidants, Vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids. Many of us maintain a diet that lacks sufficient servings of these nutrients. Instead, we eat a lot of sugar and processed foods, which contain chemicals that cause wrinkles.
  8. Sedentary lifestyle – You may think exercising your cardiovascular system has nothing to do with the appearance of your skin, but you would be wrong. When we fail to get this system going, our entire body suffers. Exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin. It strengthens muscles to help maintain tone. When we remain sedentary, we miss out on these benefits and are more likely to wrinkle.
  9. Dehydration – Most people don’t consume a healthy amount of water each day. As a result, the skin gets dehydrated. Without the water it needs to remain supple, the skin breaks down, cracks and wrinkles. If you aren’t getting the proper amount of hydration internally, it becomes especially important to moisturize the skin externally. A good solution is to find the best natural eye cream for your skin.
  10. Facial expressions – Your face is one of your main communication tools. A lift of the eyebrow, a quick wink, or a deep frown send significant messages without a word. These muscle contractions cause natural wear and tear on our facial skin. Eventually, these repeated movements cause wrinkles.
  11. Sunscreen – Protection against the sun’s UV rays is important. However, the wrong sunscreen can cause damage of its own. Many sunscreens contain toxins, and toxins cause wrinkles. Check the ingredients before applying sunscreen. Use nontoxic products to prevent applying chemicals that encourage future wrinkles.
  12. Over-washing – How do you clean your face? Harsh scrubbing with tap water each day can rob your skin of natural oils and moisture. Soaps without moisturizers aren’t much help either. This over-washing leaves your skin stripped of protection and causes wrinkles. Using a soap-free face wash combined with the best natural eye cream will help prevent premature aging due to over-washing.
  13. Natural aging – Despite our best efforts, we still age. The days pass, and our skin gets older. As it does, it becomes easier and easier to wrinkle. We can’t stop the clock, but we can apply the best natural eye cream to slow down the process. This will minimize facial wrinkles to maintain our youth as long as possible.

Discovering the Best Natural Eye Cream for Your Face

Now that you know the dangers, let’s focus on a solution. Some of these 13 reasons can be avoided, but others are simply part of life. To fight these natural wrinkle-creators, you need the best natural eye cream.

A Complete recommends a formula that blends natural marine and botanical ingredients to address all the major physical signs of aging. Our best natural eye cream also contains amino acids that cover dark circles and reduce the appearance of eye bags. Our potent formula effectively restores and renews your skin. Its daily application is an effective treatment against the many wrinkle-producing routines in your life. You’ll enjoy smoother skin and preserve the youthful appearance you desire.

Discover more about the A Complete’s natural eye cream.


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